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 Forum Rules and Etiquette

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Etiquette   Forum Rules and Etiquette EmptySat Jan 28, 2017 9:07 pm

Hello and welcome! Whether this is your first time to the site or you are a returning member, it is always a good idea to review the rules and etiquette of the forum. The Nerd Cave Forum is a community of people who want to share the nerdy world with each other. In order to maintain a safe community site, you are required to abide by these rules and guidelines. Following the list below will allow for better communication and a safe place for everyone. Thank you for abiding by these rules and do not hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure about anything. 


  • Read the forums rules and guidelines before posting for the first time.

  • Search the other posts to see if your topic is already covered.

  • Use a meaningful title for your thread.

  • Do not use a forum to promote your product, service or business.

  • Be civil, respectful, and understanding of other members.

  • Stay on topic.

  • Ignore spammers, respond to them personally and not through the board, or report them.

  • Do not submit a post that requires readers to download a large attachment.

  • Either explain the attachment or, better yet, provide a link to the information.

  • Use plain text over HTML if you want your post to be readable by everyone.

  • Do not double post (post the same message twice in one thread) or cross post (place the same message across several forums).

  • Act in a give and take manner; help others as often as or more than you ask for help.

  • Do not post new problems on someone else's thread and interrupt a topic of discussion.

  • Do not use someone else's thread for a private conversation.

  • This forum prohibits warez, cracks or illegal downloading of software and similar topics.

  • Watch your sense of humor, posts may be read by people from a variety of backgrounds and ages.

  • Do not use an over sized signature, a modest signature is fine, moderators may remove large ones anyway.

  • Do not post any information that you want private.

  • Posts should not contain personal, identifiable information or content embarrassing to others.

  • Do not post content that violates a copyright.

  • Do not use words like urgent or important in your subject line, be patient.

Failure to abide by these rules can result in the deletion of a comment, post, or member of the forum. 

Thank you for keeping with the rules and helping keep the Nerd Cave Forum a sage community!
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Forum Rules and Etiquette
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