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 Surprise! It's a live stream!

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Surprise! It's a live stream! Empty
PostSubject: Surprise! It's a live stream!   Surprise! It's a live stream! EmptyWed Feb 01, 2017 9:41 pm

There is nothing quite like scrolling through Facebook or searching through the YouTubes and discovering that there is a live stream going on! Especially when its the Nerd Cave. Watching game play, and getting to talk with Zach and the community makes you feel like your right there at a friends' house. 

What has been your favorite live stream? What games would you like to see streamed in the future? 

Let's talk about it! Exclamation bounce tongue

If you haven't seen Zach's live stream gaming, you are in for a treat. The most recent video is of Zach and I, playing one of the few games I don't suck at Overcooked. Check it out below: 
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Surprise! It's a live stream!
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