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 Who the heck are you?

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Who the heck are you? Empty
PostSubject: Who the heck are you?   Who the heck are you? EmptyTue Jan 31, 2017 8:45 pm

Who the heck are you? Let us know with these questions:

Name: (real or user)
What do you do with your life:
What games are you playing:
What tv/movie/books/other media are you liking lately:

Let get to know each other! Remember, once you have introduced yourself, to go check out the forum. Respond to topics and create your own topics so the community is discussing what you want to discuss.

Name: My real name is Amy
Location: I'm in Florida where the Nerd Cave happens
What do you do with your life: Well, I am a college student, but currently on a sabbatical from my studies (for health reasons) as a music major. Right now, I am planning my wedding.
What games are you playing: Right now, I am going between SimCity and Sims3
What tv/movies/books/other media are you liking right now: I am a big TV buff so that is my main source of entertainment. Recently, I have been watching Flash, Arrow, and Big Bang Theory. I also have been enjoying Matthew Santoro's channel on YouTube. His videos are chalk full of interesting facts; they are funny and educational. On YouTube, I also watch SomeOrdinaryGamer's Deep Web series... not something for those who are afraid of the weird parts of the internet lol. I also was listening to some Creepy Pasta readings, but had to take a break from the spoopy lol!  affraid

I can't wait to hear from the rest of you and get to know you better.
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Who the heck are you?
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